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Even with the Cardinals¡¯ impressive run this season, with the possibility of clinching a division title so early in the season, our guests are treading lightly. They see the possibilities, because Kurt Warner is playing the way he did the last time he was on a winning team. But they also are hardened by a lot of lean years;discount MLB jerseys the last time the Cardinals won at least 10 games, I was 6 years old.

Eli Wahlstrom is a writer for the Cardinals Report, the Arizona Cardinals blog on Eli is also the host of the Cardinals talk show and blog, Voice of the Cardinals.

The Cardinals and Giants face off in what could be a possible N.F.C. Championship matchup. Both teams are cruising into the playoffs but are still in search of a first-round bye. M.V.P. candidate Kurt Warner will be leading the league¡¯s most potent pass attack against the league¡¯s second-best pass defense. If the Cardinals¡¯ offensive line can buy some time for Warner then Arizona has a chance. If Kurt keeps getting pressured then it could be a long day for the Cardinals. The Giants¡¯ offense is too good and Arizona¡¯s defense is too inconsistant, so I expect New York to put up some points. The only way the Cardinals win this is if they get into a shoot out, and that¡¯s what I think they¡¯ll do. Cardinals, 31-27. The problem is most of that is through the air. Kurt Warner may be more of a match for Eli Manning, but the Giants won¡¯t let this become a shootout of Western Athletic Conference proportions. I know that Brandon Jacobs is dinged up, but some Giants fans will call that a blessing in disguise. Giants, 38-21.

Scott Allen is the lead writer for Raising Zona, the Arizona Cardinals blog on the Fan-Sided Network. It¡¯s easy to add things up and see that the Cardinals are flashy and one-dimensional compared to the wearying consistency of the Giants. But the Giants showed against the Browns that they can be wearying in an altogether different way.

Cardinals back Edgerrin James made the headlines this week because he wants out. Giants receiver Plaxico Burress will be a game-time decision. What does that mean to us? Absoluetly nothing and that is saying something. This matchup is a possible playoff preview of N.F.C. divisional leaders. The Giants ran for 200 on Baltimore last Sunday. Many think that translates into a longer day for the Cardinals. Not so fast, though. Brandon Jacobs is nursing an injury but should play. However, look for this to possibly become an air-it-out match between Warner and Manning. That spells trouble for the G-Men. Remember Cleveland? Cardinals, 28-24.

David Worford is the stay-at-home dads guide for and a former sports writer and news editor. He lives in Phoenix, meaning he watches the Cardinals every week because they are the game that is on. He also witnessed Super Bowl XLII in person, believing the Giants played pretty well in that one.

The Cardinals have been fighting to be relevant in Phoenix since, well, they moved to Phoenix. They may have finally broken through with their first division title in Arizona virtually wrapped up, a resurrected M.V.P.-quality quarterback and a home-field advantage that seems real. They have seven straight wins at University of Phoenix Stadium despite battling thousands upon thousands of the other team¡¯s fans. (Hey, it¡¯s better than 50,000 empty seats in Tempe, right?) Included are victories against the Bills and Cowboys, teams considered contenders at the time. Can the Cardinals add the defending champs, who really are contenders, to the list and become relevant in the N.F.C. race as well as their hometown? Not sure they¡¯re quite there. Giants, 31-27.

The Cardinals have been fun to jersey for sale The old warhorse Kurt Warner has his choice of Gulfstreams ¡ª Larry Fitzgerald or Anquan Boldin ¡ª to fly him down the field. Steve Breaston emerged as yet another long threat when the Jets nearly decapitated Boldin in Week 4. Tim Hightower has made Edgerrin James all but obsolete. The defense can make big plays but can just as often be spectacularly undisciplined and erratic. Arizona sits a mile high atop the West, but look at the West. The Cardinals are good enough to beat the teams they should ¡ª San Francisco, Seattle, St. Louis ¡ª but are still learning how to put away teams significantly less dangerous than Big Blue. Giants, 31-17.

John Woods is not a guest blogger. He is a staff editor for The Times, a regular contributor to The Fifth Down, and the guy who put this post together. The closest he ever came to Arizona was a night he spent outside Gunnison, Colo. Lew Serviss proves the adage that former staff editors at The Times never die, they just move to Arizona.

The Cardinals are everyone¡¯s favorite under-appreciated team. And it¡¯s easy to see why. Only five Cardinals teams in the past 20 years have won eight or more games, but this year¡¯s edition is way ahead of that schedule and it¡¯s blasting out nearly 400 yards of offense per game.

brThe reason why Sanchez might never be a statistical juggernaut may be that within his 1st two years in the alliance he hasn't been asked to be. The Jets were content to movement smart and controlled and let the league's best barricade in 2009 (a factor which was altitude five this anniversary win games. In this environment, he wasn't askeCheap NFL Nike Jerseysd to showcase his ability always that constantly which can take a quarterback out of the rhythm of making mammoth plays.brbr"The Jets said, 'Go out there,tell a certain total of plays and don't worry nearly things, we'll care for our abolish of the bargain with the defense.' That's the intellect developed among Sanchez, he doesn't have to bcheap nfl nike jerseys Wholesalee a Tom Brady," former NFL quarterback Randall Cunningham said. "Sanchez was great amid academy great surrounded the NFL also To activity amid New York duration you must be great. To me, he is a great quarterback. Compare Mark Sanchez's mathematics to Joe Namath's mathematics and see where they're by amid their profession He was a Super Bow champion,one of the best quarterbacks by his position."brbryahoo_tebow_downbrbrThen consider the case of Tebow. On Sunday, Tebow had equitable 60 yards passing for the Denver Broncos back completing six of his 22 passes. His completion percentage this season namely a lowly 46.5 percent and he's thrown equitable 12 touchdowns among 14 gamenfl jersey for sales. But Tebow wins, the Broncos are 7-4 with him as a starter this yearly and they captured the AFC West caption this past Sunday.brbrCunningham, a four-time All-Pro selection and MVP of the 1988 Pro Bowl, sees Tebow capitalizing on the same thing that took Sanchez to AFC Championship Games in 2009 and 2010 ¡ª he plays smart football and letsWholesale NFL Jerseys Cheap the defense be the distinction maker. Tebow is tied for the union adviser with five comeback wins this daily a nod to Shea's importance on playing well late,another testament to what Cunningham sees as a trait that can make him great offensive the finite stat line.brbr"Judging a quarterback can be a challenge,nike nfl jerseys. On the one h, everybody wants to win. A kid like Tim Tebow, a children like Sanchez ¡ª those kids are out there and winning games. On the additional hand, you absence to toss as three,000 alternatively four,000 yards and acquaint the Pro Bowl but it's better to have a quarterback favor a Tim Tebow winning football games. Numbers are never as importan as stats," Cunningham said. "There are lots of quarterbacks out there who put up colossal mathematics and don't win a Super Bowl. The fact that Sanchez and Tebow and these other juvenile quarterbacks are winning games is forever that matters. Remember,if they weren't good they'd be losing more games."brbr Follow Kristian R. Dyer aboard Tw