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Under Vehicle Search Camera CS-UL economic portable type (built-in DVR for option available)
Under Vehicle Search Camera CS-UL economic portable type (built-in DVR for option available) Display pictures2 Display pictures3 Display pictures4

Under Vehicle Search Camera CS-UL economic portable type (built-in DVR for option available)

Products introduction


CS-UL(ULD) is a economic model under vehicle search camera for daily searching.
You can choose DVR built-in type to record what you’ve seen for future inspection.
It come with a 4.3 inches LCD monitor,a dome IR camera and a battery house.
The trolley edge is been optimized and it have plastic caps to protect the
vehicle from scratching. The monitor can set brightness by buttons.
We use dual-ball bearing multi-direction wheels for longer using age.
The special dome camera provide a lower profile to search low sedans.

Monitor: 4.3″ color LCD monitor with 640*480 high resolution tilt by hand.
Camera: Color CCD dome camera with up to 10M IR lighting, tilt manually.
Battery: 2800mAh Li battery for up to 5 Hrs using.
Rods: Aluminum 90cm to 110cm extension-able with EVA soft handle.
Charger: 110~230VDC switch power adaptor.
Trolley: Dual-ball bearing high quality multi-direction wheels 3PCS
Profile of trolley: 10cm including camera.
Length of max penetration: 30cm
Weight: 1.5KG
Packing: 88*30*10CM

DVR built-in model CS-ULD
Support 32G SD card max
Resolution up to 720*480(NTSC) / 720*576(PAL)
Frame per second up to 30fps(N) / 25fps(P)
Support: reservation / motion detection / real-time recording
User 12VDC power
On screen OSD
Remote controller type

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